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GT5 ALL DLC (BCUS98114 and BCES00569)
[PS3 DLC] Gran Turismo 5 BCUS98114/BCES00569 Gran Turismo 5 BCUS98114/BCES00569 Contents: Gran Turismo 5 Racing Car Pack 2 Gran Turismo 5 Racing Car Pack 3 Gran Turismo 5 Racing Car Pack Family Upgrade Gran Turismo 5 Speed Test Course Pack Gran Turismo 5 Subaru BRZ S '12 Gran Turismo 5 Twin Ring Motegi Gran Turismo 5 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Prototype Gran Turismo 5 HONDA weider HSV-010 (SUPER GT) '11 Gran Turismo 5 NISSAN GT-R N24 GT Academy '12 Gran Turismo 5 Scion FR-S'12 Please update this game to the latest version to avoid missing DLCs by deleting the game data if it exists and updating the game using your PS3 to download all the updates or I will post them here when I find links to all. DOWNLOAD: Code: BCUS98114 (US Version) LINK: BCES00569 (EUR Version) LINK: !!!!!!! Note: It is necessary to have your GT5 updated to the latest update which is 2.09! Please don't do like me and update directly to 2.09!!! It's not a good idea Update from 1.05 - 2.09 The files may appear as images but they are not. Rename the extensions from 'jpeg' to 'zip', then extract the PKG file. After install the PKG as any other pkg [make sure you have the GT5 2.09 update] You may be required to be signed in to PSN as well as GT5 started. Now at the main menu after signing in to PSN, go to the dlc symbol Install all the vehicles, tracks etc. The vehicles will be located at the car delivery, just get all the vehicles there Enjoy the new vehicles, tracks and other stuff ...Okay guys for further reference, I got this originally from this site: Code: check it out if I take too long to reply to your concerns
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8 manutdgeoint  

7 Johann87  
Please brother, I urgently need the completes DLC. Thank you for keeping PS3 alive.

6 godase  
her hhan

5 newraze  
Can you do the collectors edition dlc please?

4 Mohd Sabeer  
Good Nice

3 Mohd Sabeer  
I Want DLC

2 piup  

1 xandy  
e bom

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